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I love you Coco.


Name those hairstyles!

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I’m sorry but the answer is no. Don’t make me call the guards!
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So, today is a very special day today! No its not because its the eve before Christmas Eve. Its because today is the birthday of the mod of Rainboom Stinton.

If you’ve followed my mod blog or even seen the odd posts here, you’ll know that right now Rainy is in a bad place right now but I’ll post all of that rant in on my mod blog real soon.

Anyway to cheer him up from all the gloom his parents are causing him, I’ve chosen to get as many of our friends to draw him some amazing artwork. I really have to thank them all so so much for their time they put into these so its only fair I list who made what.

In no particular order:

1: Coalheart
2: LovelyWaifu
3&4: Ridiculous Fan Pony
5: Lovely Pages
6: Ask Vanilla and Rummie
7: Ask Dark Pony
8: This one was done by me!

I did have two more but they aren’t really in line with what I post on here although they are still great and I thank them along with these too.

Anyway Happy Birthday Rainboom. I hope that soon we can have a chance to be together.

Not blog related, not that I’ve been much of a stickler for that lately, but still amazing, happy birthday Rainy, I hope it is awesome. 

Giving out birthday wishes, huh? Well it is my birthday today, so, I say, LOVE ME!




As an added bonus, I DREW UR OC … at work. ….with a mouse. …….it’s a slow day.

I like this mouse doodled monster more then I probably should! 

OOC thing, ignore if you wanna

So this is probably the last time I go OOC, maybe, maybe not, but I think so.  So, birthday is here, gonna be doin’ stuff.  A little worried about this or that, and I’m hoping I don’t drink to much, and hoping to keep my spirits high the whole day, distraction are a good thing, so I’m going to be doing my best to stay distracted.  Yeah, not sure what else to say, besides, happy birthday me?  I don’t know.  Well hope you have a good day too, I’ll be over here either having a good day, or drinking.

Not Blog Related, feel free to ignore

Sorry for this folks, it isn’t blog related, or anything, so all of you can feel free to ignore it, but I just felt the need to shout out into the vacuum that is the internet as a whole, and couldn’t really think of a place to do that.

So I’m kind of freaking out, I have been for a few months now.  As I’m sure not many of you know, I had my share of issues with my father, but I loved him, I always did.  He made my life hell at somepoints, and made a lot of cruel jokes at me once in awhile, but I still miss him like hell.  My birthday and Christmas are just around the corner, and they are gonna be my first ones since he died, or was murdered rather I guess.

I just don’t know how to handle it.  I’m confused, and angry, and sad.  I’m worried what will happen on them, how I’ll react.  The way it is, I’ve sort of been developing a drinking problem since August, since it happened, I don’t have the best of willpower in the world, and I found it rather nice to be able to drink to calm my nerves.

I don’t know what I’m doing any more, I just want things to make sense again.  I mean, it isn’t fair, my dad is six feet under (well he was actually cremated, but my point stands), and the woman that shot him in the head still hasn’t been convicted!  Sure she is in holding, and her bail is skyrocketed high, but she hasn’t been slapped with guilty and life imprisonment.   It isn’t fair that she can have another holiday and he can’t.  It isn’t bloody fair.

I’m sorry followers, just, needed to vent and not sure where to do so, and I thought it would be weird to just throw my troubles on any one person, so I threw them out there for all the internet.  I also tried to keep this short, so not to annoy too much.

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Lovechilds that i didn’t draw before…

I still have 4 to draw but I ran out of inspirantion… plus I’m a little angry so… yeah :I

This is an old meme thing I won’t draw more of these except fo the other 4 left

Also no, no intro thing :I

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Thank you, everyone for following me, I wish I could have put more in, but the hand cramping tells me to stop at 26 blogs with 28 characters shown.  A hundred-thousand thank yous, everyone, I only hope that I can improve and be worthy of your attentions.
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